Moundville Flood

By WVUA 23 Reporter Jabaree Prewitt

After days of raining, the scene at some of the homes in the River Beach neighborhood in Moundville were full of flooded yards and submerged cars and tractors. This left many residents stranded.

“I’ve been looking for everybody to come down and somebody to help us and every time they would try it was raining hard and kept raining hard,” said Debra Mullinax, who has been stranded in her home since last week. First, because of her health and then because of the weather.

Tuesday, troopers and the Hale County EMA director were able to get her out safely.

“A lot of people want to stay there to protect their property. They just usually ride it out. So, we hope that’s the last call down there because it’s dangerous being on the river so we told every resident this is the time to get out,” said Russell Weeden, Hale County EMA Director.

Resident Ed Batner called 911 because he said he needed medical attention. He was the first person rescued.

“This is great,” said Batner. “I mean, I may be looking at that place for the last time, especially with the storm coming in. It’s going to be bad, but I’m thankful anybody came. Very thankful.”

Five people and two dogs were rescued. Three people decided to stay in their homes.

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