More young women have come forward, saying they were contacted by Joseph Christopher Spota.
He’s the man who was charged Tuesday with rape and kidnapping, in the UA sexual assault case.

Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide investigators have now spoken with six women who say 29-year-old Chris Spota approached them.
There are still two young women who have not been identified.

They were both captured on surveillance video being approached by Spota’s white Toyota FJ Cruiser.
Investigators have been given the name of another possible victim, but have not been able to speak with her directly.
This makes a total of nine, alleged encounters between Spota and college-aged women.
That number includes the initial victim who says Spota sexually assaulted her early Sunday morning after she got in his vehicle when he offered her a sober ride home, claiming to be a member of a church group.

The other women did not report any criminal activity from their encounters with Spota, but investigators say it appears he was targeting women who were alone.

if you or someone you know has been approached by Spota, your’re asked to contact the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office at (205) 752-0616

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