MoonPies and Merry Widows: Mardi Gras hits Mobile

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mardi gras

Associated Press

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) – Alabama’s port city is holding a main event of its Carnival season, a quirky bash honoring the man credited with helping make the nation’s first Mardi Gras celebration what it is.

Joe Cain Day roared back to life Sunday after taking a year off because of the pandemic.

Marchers tossed MoonPie treats, colorful beads, stuffed animals and plastic cups from floats, some of them homemade.

Joe Cain Day is named for a clerk who started Mobile’s modern Mardi Gras by dressing up and parading through town in the late 1860s after the Civil War.

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2/27/2022 5:33:38 PM (GMT -6:00)

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