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The University of Alabama’s Moody Music Building will soon begin rebuilding, just a little over a month since a massive fire. 

On April 19, a lightning strike sparked a fire that took Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue crews 17 hours to extinguish.  Cleanup and recovery has been a daily occurrence ever since.

UA Music Director Skip Snead said he’s encouraged by the progress.

“They’ve essentially got the building stripped down on the inside to its internal structure,” Snead said. “The metal studs are still there so basically all the walls and so forth, at least the metal structure portion are still in place.”

According to Snead, rebuilding will be the next step.

“I know that they are planning to flip to the construction phase very soon, within the coming weeks,”  Snead said.

Moody Music Building is home to the University of Alabama’s Million Dollar Band and all UA music programs. 

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