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Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed issued an executive order on requiring face masks in the city to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

This order came after the City Council rejected a proposed ordinance on the matter. The vote ended in a tie, four to four.

One of those “no” votes came from Councilman Glen Pruitt, who apologized for his vote at the Mayor’s press conference.

Mayor Reed said it isn’t about punishing anyone but bring attention to the problem.

“We aren’t doing this to penalize anyone. Our goal is to just really bring more attention to it and bring the ability for our community to understand the seriousness of this and also to understand that there are rules and guidelines and we’re going to have to follow,” Mayor Reed said.

Glenn Pruitt Jr. explained why he initially voted no and would vote differently now.

“These doctors came to us last night and told us everything we needed to hear and if any one of us in this room went to them today with conditions, we would do exactly what they asked us to do. We didn’t do that last night,” Pruitt said.

Councilman Pruitt said he will be happy to discuss with the council to come up with a face mask ordinance they can all agree on.

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