Monday Muster: VA online services

The Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center provides services both in-person and online.

MyHealthyVet Coordinator Bethany Cockrum said the VA’s patient portal has been around since 2003.

“What people don’t understand is the  Tuscaloosa VA was one of the first medical facilities to create an online patient portal,” Cockrum said. “Now every hospital or doctor’s office has one.”

The VA’s mission when they created the portal, Cockrum said, was getting veterans more engaged and more involved in their care with 24/7 access.

“Veterans can log onto the site and get direct access to their medical records,” Cockrum said. “They can get lab results, MRI results, X-ray images, radiology reports.”

Not to mention, veterans have access to a pharmacy where they can refill most prescriptions through MyHealthyVet and make appointments.

If you’re not already registered, you can sign up for an account right here.

Once your account is active, Cockrum said, you should contact her at 205-554-2000 extension 2671, come by her office in Building 63, Room 6 at the Veterans Education Resource Center or email

The Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center’s goal is lifelong health, wellbeing and resilience for the veterans they serve.

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