Monday Muster: CPR training

Bystander CPR is designed to be used at home and in the community anytime someone has some type of cardiac event.

Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center Veterans Health Education Coordinator Sharon Allen said being able to step in and help in an emergency is a vital skill.

“I know many people were watching Monday Night Football when Damar Hamlin had his collision,” Allen said. “To my knowledge he has no deficits and they are saying that most are giving credit to his bystanders who immediately started CPR.”

The quicker you start CPR, the more positive the potential outcome.

The Tuscaloosa VA offers CPR classes for veterans and their family members, Allen said, because that helps ensure veterans can have the care they need in an emergency.

“Many times if people don’t have a medical background, they are a little afraid that they will hurt the person, and this training is to show that you’re not going to hurt them,” Allen said. “We’re going to show you exactly what to do.”

Classes start April 3. If you’re interested in signing up, email


Monday Muster is sponsored by the Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center. Its goal is lifelong health, well-being and resilience for the veterans it serves.

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