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UPDATE: Mississippi State University sent WVUA 23 a statement that reads:


MSU Chief Communications Officer Sid Salter says, in part, Mississippi State University does not condone this activity. Mississippi State is cooperating with authorities in this investigation. The young men will have to bear responsibility for their actions, whatever they were. The legal process will play out. MSU doesn’t have a role in the legal process, but will monitor that process.


A Facebook search reveals the men are in a fraternity. MSU spokesman says that has no bearing on this situation. 


We all love a good rivalry, but four Mississippi State University students may have taken it too far. They’re accused of breaking into the University of Alabama’s Mal Moore Athletic Facility last week and getting away with some memorabilia.

According to court documents, the burglary happened just after 2 a.m. April 4, and was all caught on security cameras.

The suspects’ mugshots have not been released, and the University of Alabama Police Department has been tight-lipped on what was stolen. The athletic facility houses memorabilia including the Crimson Tide’s National Championship trophies, individual awards and trophies and memorabilia from other sports.

Those arrested include Mississippi State University students Samuel Tanner Fittes, 21; John Thomas Badley, 20; Joshua Jordan, 21; and Joel Hudnall, 20. All four are facing third-degree burglary charges, which is a felony.

The only comment WVUA 23 has been given from a University of Alabama spokesperson was “None of the accused are students at UA.”

<p>The four men have bonded out of jail, each on a $7,500 bond. Their court dates have not yet been set.</p>

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