Mississippi man pleads guilty to 2020 Alabama shooting, sentenced to 25 years

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A man from Columbus, Mississippi, was sentenced to serve 25 years in prison for shooting an extended family member in Alabama in August 2020.

Eric Daniel Jennings, 38, pleaded guilty to the first-degree assault of an Ethelsville man. On the morning of Aug. 30, 2020, Jennings drove from Mississippi with the intent to shoot the victim.

He walked the final 2 miles to the home after his truck broke down. One he arrived, he sat in the victim’s truck and waiting for him to leave for work around 4:30 a.m. When the victim came out, Jennings shot him multiple times, followed him and continued firing until he ran out of ammunition.

This was a premeditated ambush,” said 24th Judicial Circuit District Attorney Andy Hamlin.“The victim in this case came very close to losing his life.”

Jennings pleaded guilty before Circuit Court Judge Sam Junkin last week, and will serve 25 years within the Alabama Department of Corrections.

“The evidence was strong and compelling. I’m glad we were able to take this offender off the streets,” Hamlin said. “It seems lost in this day and time that the way that you combat violent crime is by sending the offender to prison. That’s where dangerous people belong.”

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