Missing Since Aug. 23: Authorities Continue Search for Kristie Ragland

Missing Woman Krisie Ragland00000000

The search is still on for a missing Bibb Bounty woman last seen in Coker.

Kristie Ragland has not been seen, or heard from, since August 23, 2020. She was last seen at a residence on Microwave Road where she was visiting a friend.

The search continued Tuesday, with searchers combing the area of horseback and on foot.

“The Sheriff’s Posse and the mounted unit is a great resource,” said Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Jessica McDaniel. “It is an asset that is just a little bit extra in a search like this. The horses are great about getting in areas our vehicles can’t cover and we like to use them whenever we have the opportunity.”

Ragland is just under 5 feet tall, weighs 115 pounds and has blonde hair and green eyes.

“It is unlike Ragland to have this type of behavior,” McDaniel said. “She has not been a frequent missing person. She has not been known to leave for an extensive period of time. Her family is just concerned for her whereabouts and where she could be and how she is doing right now.”

There have been multiple, extensive searches in the area since Kristie Ragland’s disappearance.

“At this point, we have exhausted almost all of our resources,” McDaniel said. “We’ve had aviation out, cadaver dogs, ATVs. That is why it is so important for out community to come together and if they have any information help us out in locating Ms. Ragland.”

If you have any information that could assist investigators in locating Ragland, please contact the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office at 205-752-0616.

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