If you’ve been working a job for 30 years, you might think you’ve seen every twist, turn, curve in the road and trick in the book.
Johnny Kynard thought so too…until his logging crew discovered the human remains off Ed Stephens Road near Coaling on Tuesday, March 28, 2016.

Hank is a five-year-old lab, boxer, hound mix who’s being called a hero.

“Hank brought the bone out of the woods and I hollered at him and he dropped it,” Kynard said. “I didn’t hesitate once. I thought it was an animal bone.””

Working in rural and wooded areas, Kynard and his employees see bones all the time. But Kynard’s truck driver Johnny Cook had a different feeling.

“I pretty much knew what I was looking at,” Cook told WVUA 23. “I knew it was somebody’s bone.”

Cook called the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, who came out and processed the scene, confirming Cook’s suspicion and that there was foul play involved.

The site where the bones were found is just five miles from 82-year-old Emmett Kyzer’s home. He’s been missing for nine months. With insight from homicide investigators, Kyzer’s family says they feel certain the remains are Emmett’s. His niece Nikki Sellers issued this statement only to WVUA 23.
“When I heard human remains had been found and there was a possibility they were Emmett’s, I was numb. My emotions were everywhere.This is not the way we have prayed so hard that this would turn out, but after after this length of time, we are just ready for an end to this nightmare. I’ll never understand how anyone could do this to Emmett. He was a great man. If it turns out to be him, I want to tell the loggers I am thankful that it was someone like them, with the assistance of their dog, who found Emmett and called police.”

Johnny Kynard says he and his crew weren’t even planning on being near Ed Stephens road on Tuesday, but moved there because of weather conditions.

“The more we think about it and put it together…it was meant to be,” Kynard said.

Also meant to be, Nikki and her family getting to tell Johnny Cook, Johnny Kynard and Hank their message  in person.

“I was glad to get to meet them,” Kynard told WVUA. “I hope it’s Mr. Emmett too, for closure for them.”
“I just hope they can put it behind them, move forward and gather enough evidence here to find out who is responsible,” Cook added just before leaving the scene.

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