Miracle League 2

By WVUA 23 Web Writer Rebecca Griesbach

The Miracle League of Tuscaloosa baseball field has seen recent damage, and they need help to fix it.

The Miracle League is a baseball league created to make playing baseball easier for people in wheelchairs, walkers or those with special needs. The field is made of rubber to be wheelchair friendly.

But after seven years of wear the field now needs to be repaired, said John Miller, the league’s president.

“We just have to rebuild the service,” Miller said. “The service is starting to come apart. There’s some places where there’s holes that are going to make it a bit dangerous for walkers and wheelchairs, and children will trip on the holes.”

The league created a GoFundMe page to get donations for the new field. Its goal is to raise $20,000 by January, so the field can be ready for the spring season.

An improved field would allow for players like Will and Brad Townsend to continue to play a sport that means so much to them.

“It means a lot,” Brad said. “It means a lot to you. (Will) looks forward every weekend coming out here playing. Sick, rain or shine – he always wants to come out here and play.”

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