Million Dollar Band uses A-Day for heavy recruitment

A Day Million Dollar Band

University of Alabama’s annual A-Day game brought thousands of Crimson Tide fans into Tuscaloosa over the weekend.

Among that group were hundreds of high school musicians who signed up to play with the Million Dollar Band.

“It allows us to put a show for the high schoolers and to show them what it’s like being in the band,” said MDB member Tyler Croy.

As part of A-Day, high school students can sign up to play along with members of MDB at a pre-game pep rally and in the stands during the scrimmage.

“It kind of allows them to feel like they’re one of us, feel like they have the super suit on, and feel like they’re a real part of the show,” said MDB member Kaden Orendorff.

Band members said A-Day is the organization’s largest recruitment event, with MDB’s Fall and Spring Spectrum concerts coming in at a close second.

“It’s an opportunity that many kids don’t get to do. So because they can do that, I feel like that could have a big influence on whether or not they continue marching at all and their decision on where to go to school,” said MDB member Nathan Montpool.

The current Million Dollar Band has 400 members, but Croy estimated they had a total of 600 participants at A-Day.

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