It’s one of the most controversial elections in our country’s history, but studies show that millennials don’t make it out to the polls.

“Millennials, young people generally need inspiration to go to the polls and they had that with Barack Obama,” said University of Alabama professor Jennifer Hoewe said. “We had this really compelling campaign that inspired people to go out and vote and this election is pretty different.”

That’s why some students are taking 2016 into their own hands.

“I think voter apathy is the biggest thing facing our demographic,” Lobby Board member Braden Morell said. “If you look at the census data from the last election, in the demographic of eighteen to twenty four, less than sixty percent of us even registered to vote and less than fifty percent actually went out to the polls.”

UA’s Lobby Board is registering students to vote and passing out Alabama voter guides.

The organization hopes to register more than 1,000 students and are just 200 away from reaching their goal.

“You know if you don’t exercise your basic democratic right, then you’re really giving up your ability to have an opinion,” Morell said. “If you have an opinion on the future of this country vote about it, get out and do something.”

Hoewe said she thinks young people aren’t completely to blame for a lack of interest.

“I think there’s a lot of different reasons why (millennials) may not show up in great numbers,” Hoewe said. “But the country itself in total doesn’t always show up in great numbers either, which is sad but it’s not totally millennials fault that we don’t get good representation.”

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