Miles hearing Day 2: Witness denies knowledge of shotgun in car

Darius Immunity Hearing00000000

Former University of Alabama basketball player Darius Miles was back in court Tuesday for day two of his immunity hearing.

Miles is seeking to have his capital murder charge dropped with the help of Alabama’s Stand Your Ground laws.

Miles and his friend Michael Davis are charged in the shooting death of Jamea Harris in January. Miles and Davis have been in the Tuscaloosa County Jail since their arrest the day after the shooting.

Judge Daniel Pruet did not rule on Miles’ immunity during day two of the hearing. But new information from witnesses was discussed.

Shu’Bonte Green appeared in court for the first time in this case Tuesday after failing to report to court several times. After an hour-plus court recess Tuesday morning, law enforcement officers located Green in Birmingham and brought him to Tuscaloosa County for Tuesday’s proceedings.

Green is a friend of Harris’ boyfriend Cedric Johnson and was seen with him and Harris outside Twelve25 on the Strip the night Harris was killed.

Miles’ attorney Mary Turner questioned Green about a piece of video evidence in which he is seen driving a red Chevrolet Impala behind some dumpsters off Grace Street near campus while another man he called “Jack” retrieved what Turner said was a pump shot gun from the Impala’s trunk.

On the stand, Green denied knowing anything about a shotgun. After his testimony, court was adjourned.

On Monday, prosecutors announced they’re not seeking the death penalty in Miles’s case. A possible date to reconvene is Sept. 29.

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