Former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard has been sentenced to four years in prison and eight years of probation. In addition, Hubbard was ordered to pay $210,000 in fines.

The former Speaker lost his seat after being convicted on 12 of 23 felony ethics charges.

Following his client’s sentencing, Hubbard’s Defense Attorney Bill Baxley said, “We will appeal this case all the way, I believe with every fiber of my being that at the end of all this, he will be totally vindicated.”

“Mike Hubbard and his family have been the victims of a witch hunt,” said Baxley.

Prior to the sentencing, Lee County Circuit Judge Jacob Walker heard final arguments from the prosecution and defense, including four character witnesses on behalf of Mike Hubbard.

Opelika Mayor, Gary Fuller, testified that he, “found Mike to be honorable and truthful.”

Representative Mike Rogers, a long time friend of Hubbard, testified that Hubbard has already been severely punished and incarcerating him would be pointless.

Overall, all four character witnesses described Hubbard as a good man and a man with integrity.

Baxley Friday filed a motion for an investigation of juror misconduct.

Hubbard remains out on an appeal bond.
OPELIKA, Ala. (AP) – Former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard has been sentenced to four years in prison for violating the state’s ethics law.

Lee County Circuit Judge Jacob Walker handed down the sentence Friday. Hubbard faces additional time on probation.

Hubbard was convicted in June of a range of ethics violations, including improperly soliciting lobbyists and company executives for consulting contracts and investment and using his office to benefit his clients.

Prosecutors argued Hubbard betrayed the trust of voters and his fellow lawmakers and asked for a five-year prison sentence.

Hubbard was one of the state’s most powerful politicians. He led the 2010 GOP takeover of the Alabama Legislature.

Hubbard maintained his innocence during the trial and testified that he never used the power of his office for personal benefit.

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