Metro Animal Shelter offering low-cost adoptions this month

Metro Animal Shelter

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Kelby Hutchison

If you hate hearing “In the arms of an angel” as teary-eyed dogs and cats look deep into your guilt-tripped soul, consider adopting an animal from Metro Animal Shelter during its Empty the Shelters event throughout the rest of the month.

Throughout the event, offered at shelters nationwide by the Bissell Pet Foundation, adoption fees have been reduced to $10 for all animals.

Metro Office Programs Manager Catherine Moore said this is a lifesaving event for the shelter.

“We are steadily full here,” Moore said. “We are actually beyond capacity right now.”

The event is running through July 31.

Moore said when there is nowhere to put the animals, the shelter must “make space,” which she says is awful but does happen sometimes.

“Shelters are calling me daily and Bissell Pet Foundation is feeling the burden of overcrowding,” said Bissell Pet Foundation founder Cathy Bissell in a statement. “With the euthanasia of homeless dogs up 22% in just the first quarter of 2022 alone, we knew we had to act quickly to help at-risk pets.”

The event has been extended to three weeks to help meet the need of the many overcrowded animal shelters around the country.

For those who are ready to adopt, Metro only accepts transactions via card.

If you can’t adopt, Metro is also seeking fosters, volunteers and donations. You can learn more right here.

If you already have a pet, Moore said it’s imperative that those pets are spayed or neutered. If you can’t afford the cost, you can check out some low-cost options right here.

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