Story by WVUA 23’s Julia Smith.

While shelters help save the lives of cats and dogs, living at the shelter can be stressful and lonely for animals. Fostering can give dogs and cats the medical attention and social skills they need to be ready for adoption.

Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter Foster Coordinator Savannah Franklin says orphan kittens and puppies are most commonly fostered.

“They don’t have their mommas,”Franklin said. “Older dogs are also up for adoption and may even have health conditions like heartworm.”

Taking care of animals does require constant care and the amount of attention can depend on their age. Puppies and kittens need to be cared for every three hours, while older dogs need to be walked twice a day if you are fostering. All supplies needed to foster an animal are provided by the shelter. The shelter provides milk or formula, food and puppy pads. The only thing the foster home has to do is care and love for the animal.

“Basically all they need to do is provide a safe home and a little TLC,” Franklin said.

Franklin says the hardest part about fostering an animal is letting them go to their permanent home, but all foster homes have the first choice at being able to adopt.

If you cannot foster or adopt, the shelter also has a happy hour where dogs can be taken out for the day.

For more information,  visit Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter’s website or call 205-752-9101.

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