McWright’s Ferry Road expansion beginning soon

Mcwrights Ferry Project

A long-time coming project that will expand McWright’s Ferry Road is starting soon in Tuscaloosa.

Tuscaloosa Associate Engineer Brian Gurney said the 2-mile-long project includes adding a two-lane road between New Watermelon Road and Rice Mine Road, pedestrian lighting, a wider sidewalk and a new bridge over North River.

This is one of the long-awaited projects in the history of the city, and its been in some stage of discussion or implementation for decades.

Once complete, the expansion will create much-needed access for first responders and significantly reduce commute times for those who travel in the area.

“Residents north of the spillway will have quicker access to the downtown area to the University of Alabama area,” Gurney said. “We expect the traffic to be reduced on Rice Mine Road as well.”

Crews will begin work in February and it should be complete in about 2 and a half years.

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