Just two days after announcing his reelection campaign for mayor, Walt Maddox met with constituents at Druid  City Brewing Company on 15th Street as part of “Mayor’s Night Out.”

Folks had the chance to have a cold brew while discussing hot topics facing the city.

“It’s exciting to get out and talk to people. This journey’s just begun and certainly we want to get out and keep moving Tuscaloosa forward,” Maddox told WVUA 23.
Maddox supporters like Amy Seeds think the event was a hit!

“I’ve lived in a lot of cities where people aren’t accessible like this, so I really like the fact that the mayor is coming out and just mingling and not doing something official. Just hanging out and talking to people,” Seeds said while at the event.
It’s not a campaign effort for the mayor, but the first of three gatherings at local breweries.

Maddox told our crew he wants to highlight  the breweries’ contributions to the community while discussing issues facing T-town.

“We still have areas of our city that are struggling. We can never forget that. Everyday we’ve got to go to work and figure out what we can do from our end of the occasion to improve life,” said Maddox.


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