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Mayor Walt Maddox spoke with Brent Blankley, the Tuscaloosa Police Chief, about reimagining policing here in Tuscaloosa during the virtual town hall meeting.

In order to increase trust, Mayor Walt Maddox, announced a special called Public Safety Community meeting that will take place on August 11 to unveil a community engagement and protection initiative for the Tuscaloosa Police Department.

“One of the things is training, we can always train more and more with the state’s standard of 12 hours of training a year. We do eight hours one month and four the next month, and then we continue after that to keep training,” Blankley said.

He said that there is no lack of training at the Tuscaloosa Police Department but there is always better training.

“Meetings with the community, honest meetings, I think in America we get so use right now to be politically correct all the time that we don’t want to give our true feeling and that is something that has to stop. We are never going to fix any problems until we sit down and have real conversations about real problems. Nobody wants their feelings hurt but we need to confess our true feelings to find solutions but it all comes from being honest with each other,” Blankley said.

Blankley will also engage his officers with additional training and review best practices across the nation.

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