Marengo Academy

A Marengo County school will be closing its door after 50 years.

The school board decided on Thursday night to close down the private school due to financial issues.

Marengo Academy in Linden opened its doors in 1969 for first through sixth graders but added high school just one year later.

“The membership voted the other night due to the small amount of students not being able to carry the expenses of the school,” said school board member Teresa Ratcliff.

Board members say the enrollment for Marengo Academy has dropped over the past few years. There were 135 students enrolled in the school in 2019, according to Ratcliff.

Marengo Academy’s athletic program has been successful throughout the years, claiming nine AISA State Championships, including seven baseball championships and several softball titles.

The school board is working with parents, teachers and students to make the transition as smooth as possible.

“We are working through this, this is the first time we have ever had to close our doors,” Ratcliff said.

School counselors will stay on through the end of July to handle student transcripts.

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