Man sues over K9 bite in Tuscaloosa that left him in hospital for month

Dog Bite

Photo Courtesy Ashley Remkus |


A man from Mississippi filed a lawsuit in federal court against Tuscaloosa County and the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputies who were involved after a major K9 attack left him in the hospital for more than a month.

According to, Derek Stokes is suing for excessive force in the wake of the attack, which happened behind Tuscaloosa’s Walmart on Skyland Boulevard last year. Stokes was accused of shoplifting by a Walmart employee and ran from a Tuscaloosa Police Officer who was not on duty at the time. A Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputy on the scene released a K9 after Stokes was on the ground and being arrested, Stokes’ complaint said.

Stokes spent 36 days in the hospital as doctors attempted to repair his right arm. He was never arrested or charged in the case for which he was attacked.

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