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BERRY, AL – Police found 27-year-old David Milligan’s body severely beaten on a downtown Tuscaloosa sidewalk just after 2 am Sunday morning.
Wednesday, 40-year-old Lesley Ray Kelley was charged with causing Milligan’s death.

David Milligan’s wife Emily told WVUA 23, before her husband’s death all he wanted was for their 2-year-old son Luke to have the best birthday party ever. His second birthday was Thursday, September 28th, just five days after he father’s death.

“Today Luke woke up another year older and he was pointing down the driveway yelling ‘daddy, daddy’ expecting him to drive up at any minute. This was supposed to be a special and memorable day for him and not like this,” Emily told WVUA as she watched her son play on a town playground on his birthday.

Thanks to a GoFundMe page started by David’s friend’s, Luke is going to have just the party his dad would have wanted.

“I know he would want Luke to have a good time and to not think about this sorrow and the pain,” Emily said. “He would want him to have a good birthday. He was so excited for his birthday and he kept saying ‘I’m going to make Luke have a good birthday. He is going to have a good party this year and I am going to see to it that he does. That was my husband’s wish and we are going to honor that.”

This is the first milestone in life David’s family will face without him, but Emily  finds comfort in knowing her husband will live on in more than just memories.

“He’s always been a hero and he still is. My husband may not be with me, but I have Luke and that baby looks so much like him. That is always going to be a piece of David with me. With him being an organ donor, he is living through someone else. I would love nothing more than for Luke to grow up and be just like David. Luke really was his entire world. He was such a good dad and I hate that this happened,” Emilly said sobbing.

David Milligan’s funeral will be at Nelson’s funeral home in Fayette at 2pm on Friday.
Lesley Kelley remains in this Tuscaloosa County jail on a $150,000 bond.
Emily told WVUA 23 she’s glad her husband’s accused killer is off the streets so he can’t cause this pain to any other family.


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