Make A Wish

<a href=””>Make-A-Wish Alabama</a> currently has nearly 200 active volunteers across the state but needs to recruit 15-25 more people to fulfill the wishes for the year.

Volunteers often called “Wish Granters,” work directly with families to determine the child’s wish, help plan a wish reveal party and update the family on the progress of the wish planning process.

“Knowing the impact you are making on these families is huge,” says Wish Granter Tara Renninger. “Sometimes it seems what we do is so small in the big scheme of things, but the relationships I have built with several of these families have lasted far beyond the wish and I would not trade [this experience]for the world.

High-need counties include Tuscaloosa, Franklin, Marion, Winston, Lee, Butler, Crenshaw, Pike, Covington, and Barbour counties.

To sign up, interested members of the community can visit here or email Volunteer Manager Maggie Corcoran at to fill out an application.

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