Maddox Proposes $10M Cut to Next Year’s City Budget



By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Anne Houtz

Mayor Walt Maddox proposed his 2021 budget for the city at the Tuscaloosa City Council yesterday evening. The proposed budget is $226.02 million, which is around $10 million less than last year’s budget.

The budget, which Maddox described as “conservative,” takes into account recent world events. The mayor said the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and that the city needs to focus on the importance of things such as public safety, education, and infrastructure.

Economic development and employee investment is a priority for Maddox. He is proposing a non-public safety hiring freeze until March 21, 2021, which will bring about $1 million in savings for the city.

Maddox has also asked each department to reduce its operating budget by 38%.

Public hearings will be held on the budget proposal throughout the next few weeks. Maddox said he hopes to finalize the budget by Sept. 22, before the start of the 2021 fiscal year on Oct. 1.

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