Walt Maddox

Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox says he won’t deny he’s mulling a run for governor.

The reveal comes from an interview this morning on 95.3 The Bear’s “The Steve Shannon Morning Show.”

When asked if Maddox would enter the governor’s race, Maddox’s immediate response was “it’s too early to tell.”

After Shannon pressed further, Maddox said there are plenty of considerations worth looking into before a definitive answer.

“For me, over the next few months I’ve got to look at three things,” Maddox said. “No. 1: Can your family take on a statewide campaign? Because that is tremendous, to say the least, on your family. No. 2: If you win, can you govern? And 3: Can you win?”

Even still, Maddox said it’s humbling so many people are being so encouraging.

“I try to approach everything in life as methodical and strategic, and we’re going to apply that to this situation,” Maddox said.

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