Lower Humidity Coming… Dry Week Ahead… Saturday Forecast Update… #alwx @wvua23

Happy Saturday! You’ve made it to the weekend. The humidity is quite high today, especially with scattered showers and storms ongoing. Expect those to continue into this evening, finally moving over into Georgia after 8 PM. If you have any outdoor plans tonight, just keep the radar and umbrella handy. These storms can dump a quick, surprise downpour. Temperatures will quickly fall through the 70s and we’ll clip the upper 60s early Sunday morning for an overnight low. The low temperatures will continue their downward trajectory through Tuesday morning which is when many of us, especially those north of I-20, will feel the first round of 50s since late spring! I’ve got a low of 59 for Tuscaloosa Tuesday morning but those of you closer to the Haleyville, Jasper, and Cullman areas could see temps reach into the 55-58° range Monday and Tuesday mornings. Overnight lows seem to remain fairly consistent in the low 60s through the remainder of the seven-day forecast.

Lower humidity sweeps into the region behind a cold front on Sunday afternoon. This front won’t have any rain with it, but a noticeable change in wind direction will occur as a northwesterly wind drives some drier air into the region. This air is here to stay for several days. In fact, some models don’t show a return to the high humidity again until 2-3 weeks from now. By then, we’re already close to the true Fall season so any high humidity would be hard to come by. Maybe this means we have escaped the worst of the warm/humid season? I sure think so, but time will tell. Due to the lower humidity, our afternoon highs will remain quite warm and seasonal for late September in the Deep South. Upper 80s and a few days flirting with 90 are in the picture. Good news is we have that low humidity to pair it up with! This also means each day will have a large spread between morning lows and afternoon highs. As we dry things out over the next several weeks, that spread will become greater with time and thus congestion season isn’t far away. Just something to keep in mind if you are trying to get ahead of those sicknesses!

Typically, we dry out around this time of year anyway. However, the precipitation signs moving even past the seven-day forecast isn’t looking very promising for those who need rain. Several frontal systems that are predicted to swing through the Central US won’t quite make it down here. Most of the rain is being kept far from central Alabama over the next week at least and likely longer. We shall see if there any signs of a pattern change as we approach October. For now, let’s enjoy the nicer version of September weather around here while we can. It could always be worse!

Weekend Forecaster Jacob Woods
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