Baton Rouge Flood Recovery

It’s been more than a month since widespread flooding throughout southern Louisiana displaced thousands.

Now, many are in recovery mode, with plenty of help from organizations such as the Salvation Army.

But longtime Baton Rouge resident Larry McKee had to overcome an additional hurdle before his rebuilding could begin. McKee was admitted to the hospital for five days following the floods, thanks to a bacterial infection he contracted by walking through the waist-deep floodwaters.

He was released Wednesday, a day that doubles as his birthday. Now, all that stands are the wooden frames that once held up his home. He lost everything, even his truck.

Like McKee, thousands are relying on disaster relief organizations, like the Salvation Army.

Maj. David Robinson with the Salvation Army said the canteens they’re running in Baton Rouge are still serving at least 2,000 people a day.

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