HEARTBREAKING — A pet owner’s worst nightmare…..Chase Davidson lost his dog Avery and her puppy Snoop in May when they got out of the yard. He located the mother dog, but never knew what happened to the puppy….until someone approached him with the video showing the dog’s death.

“I started the video, and hearing the dog squeal, it killed me,” Davidson told WVUA 23 reporter Chelsea Barton. “I couldn’t do it. It’s tough to know someone got enjoyment out of watching that,” he said sadly.

We did not show this video in our story because it’s so terrible. However, Davidson says it’s important for people to understand what he saw happen to his pet, in the place so many like him call home.

“In he video,you see the Pit Bull drag my puppy by the neck,” Davidson said hanging his head. “Then you hear an individual saying ‘Kill it, kill it, kill it,’ and then another individual reaches in the video and shakes my puppy so the Pit Bull will fight harder,” he added.

Davidson told WVUA 23 he always heard of the dog fighting problem in Pickens County, but never knew it’s heartbreaking reality until now.

“He was a puppy that I cared a lot about,” Davidson said. “I miss him. I hope this does bring light to the dog fighting problem in Pickens County. I hope those responsible get what they deserve,” he said.

Investigators with the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office have launched an investigation and have been able to identify where the video was taken.
We are told the dog “Rufus” seen attacking the puppy, has been destroyed.

If you have any information on this horrific case or any others like it in the area, please contact the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office at (205) 367-2000.

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