Los Tarascos tip jar thief caught on camera

It’s no secret that many service workers make most of their income from tips. That makes this crime extra infuriating for the employees who lost money after a man swiped their tip jar Monday night at Los Tarascos on Skyland Boulevard in Tuscaloosa.

“It’s physically and emotionally exhausting to work 13-hour shifts that some of us do,” server and bartender Azalea Garcia said. ‘That is more of the reward that makes it all worth it. The money at the end of the night. When that is taken away from us, it really hurts. ”

But unbeknownst to the perpetrator, it was all caught on camera.

In surveillance video provided to WVUA 23 by Los Tarascos, you can clearly see a man pay for his meal Monday night before taking off with the tip jar.

“He was receiving something back and as he turned away he grabbed it and left,” Garcia said. “Super sly. No one really noticed. ”

Until the to-go-order specialist began searching for her tips at the end of the night.

“Our to-go specialist earlier that day was kind of complaining about how she has almost 30 orders and hardly anyone tipped,” Garcia said. “What was in the tip jar was $9, but that was all she made that night and then someone took that from her.”

Garcia said the amount of money isn’t the point. It’s the principle of it all.

And they are giving this man a chance to recognize his wrongdoing and make things right.

“Ideally, we would accept an apology from him and receive the $9 back so the to-go specialist can get the money she deserves,” Garcia said.

People will turn a blind eye to a lot of things these days, but stealing from innocent people isn’t one of them.

Jimmy Garner, Ken Cheek and Herb Thomas are local pastors who dine together at Los Tarascos every week. They each had a message for the young man seen in this video.

“Bring that thing back, buddy,” Garner said. “$9 is not worth that. Bring the jug back. The jug is worth that.”

“I would tell him he is wrong,” Cheek said. “He is hurting other people. For 9 bucks, like Jimmy said. It is not worth it. Bring it back, son.”

“The scripture says ‘thou shall not steal,’ ” Thomas said. “We hope that he will return it and they will forgive him.”

Workers said the $9 didn’t cover much of the man’s bill, which included food and a pitcher of margaritas.

As of Tuesday afternoon, a police report had not yet been filed.

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