London mourners brave 9-hour wait to say goodbye to queen

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queen elizabeth II

LONDON (AP) – Thousands of mourners are waiting for up to nine hours in line to file past the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II as she lays in state at Parliament’s Westminster Hall.

The queue to pay respects to the late monarch stretched for 4.4 miles past Tower Bridge on Thursday.

But those in it said the nine-hour wait was worth it and authorities provided amenities like portable toilets to ease their wait.

King Charles III is spending the day in “private reflection” a week after his mother died a week ago at 96.

Buckingham Palace also released details of plans for the queen’s funeral on Monday. It will be the first state funeral held in Britain since the 1965 death of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

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9/15/2022 12:32:56 PM (GMT -5:00)

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