Local youth alliance holds 16th annual children’s conference

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Caleb Aguayo

In the Bryant Conference Center on Wednesday, Feb. 1, local religious organizations, schools, businesses and health services participated in a conference hosted by Tuscaloosa’s Promise, a youth alliance aimed at improving the lives of children in Alabama. This conference marks the 16th since the start of Tuscaloosa’s Promise.

In addition to helping children, the organization invited participating groups to work with parents to make effective change. Dr. Charles Nash, chair member for Tuscaloosa’s Promise, said local organizations should work in tandem for this cause.

“All of them can work together,” Nash said. “But not just can work together, should work together. So one of the benefits of all of this is to make that point that community is something that surrounds the child for all of the needs of the child.  If you will, the whole child.”

Nash said the conference was held to coordinate local community leaders and inspire new ideas. But he was clear about his own methods.

“Find some children,” he said. “Determine what their needs are. Find ways to meet those needs, and meet those needs. Working with the children, working with their families, and we’ll make a difference for the future. Not only for those children, but for all of us.”

WVUA 23 Senior News Anchor Tamika Alexander participated in the children’s conference.

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