Local restaurant loses day of business after nearby shooting

A local restaurant wound up closed for cleaning Wednesday after a man was shot nearby Tuesday afternoon and took refuge inside the business.

WVUA 23 was first to break the news of the shooting on Greensboro Avenue Tuesday in which someone fired about a dozen shots at the victim. As of Thursday afternoon, no one has been arrested or named as a person of interest in the shooting.

According to staff at the newly opened meat-and-three A Southern Bite, the victim pulled his vehicle into the parking lot and the suspect followed before opening fire.

Kitchen manager Kelvontae Sneed said the victim ran into the restaurant for help.

“(The victim) sprints off running and he doubles back and comes into our restaurant seeking help, bleeding all over the floor,” Sneed said. “I told him to go sit in the bathroom. We called 911, the ambulance came and we let them take it from there.” 

That’s why the restaurant was closed Wednesday, Sneed said, so the restaurant could be professionally sanitized.

The restaurant posted a thank you note to its customers and police Wednesday.

A Southern Bite owner Lakeisha Davis said the shooting was a frightening incident that had nothing to do with her business or any others in the shopping complex.

“There was a mishap in our parking lot that was out of our control,” Davis said. “At this point all we can do is make sure that we offer our customers a safe and friendly environment.” 

A Southern Bite reopened Thursday.

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