Local Red Cross assisting Maui wildfire recovery efforts

Several people from our state are many miles from home, helping residents recover from the wildfires in Maui. Six Alabamians are in Hawaii for the next three weeks helping the American Red Cross relief efforts. 

American Red Cross spokesperson Annette Rowland said the volunteers will help with feeding, sheltering, and providing financial assistance along with search and recovery efforts following the devastating wildfires. 

“Some people may have lost their eyeglasses or they may have lost all of their prescription medication. Don’t know how to get that back, said Rowland. So, our team is able to coordinate and get that back faster. Replace those prescriptions, replace those medications or durable medical equipment like CPAP machines, things that people don’t always think of.” 

Red Cross organizers are prepared to spend long periods of time in devastating places. Its volunteers understand that every situation is different. 

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