Tuscaloosa Quilt Artist Recognized

An artist who has been making quilts in Tuscaloosa for 67 years had her work recognized and publicly displayed for people to enjoy for years to come.

On Jan. 12, 94-year-old Hallie O’Kelly’s quilt “October Glory” was given a special recognition by the West Alabama Quilters Guild. Her artwork, along with her personality and dedication, is why the guild wanted to honor her by displaying her work in Government Plaza for future generations to admire.

“She’s just so giving and so loving and just such a wonderful person,” Debbie Watson, the outgoing president of the guild. “So our guild wanted to honor Hallie with this October Glory and have it right here in West Alabama so many generation could enjoy it.”

Friends, family and fans of her work came out in support at the display’s reveal. For O’Kelley, the community’s support came as a surprise.

“Something you didn’t expect would ever happen let’s put it that way,” O’Kelley said. “I knew that people in the guild were recognizing my things but to have this community effort, that’s particularly special.”

The quilt is mounted on metal to help preserve it in Government Plaza forever. As for O’Kelly, she doesn’t plan to stop doing what she loves any time soon.

“I’m not gonna stop quilting as long as my fingers keep working,” O’Kelly said.

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