Free Wills

Story by WVUA 23’s Lacey Beasley.

The Tuscaloosa County Bar Association offered an exclusive service to first responders on Monday.

Police officers and cadets from across the state were invited to prepare their wills at the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport.

Close to 50 cadets are graduating soon, and many of them participated today.

According to attorney Jason Neff, it’s common for people to procrastinate talking about their wills, especially young people.

“When you have to start talking about death and finances and thinking further down the road, especially if you have children involved, it’s real easy to defer that or procrastinate it to another day,” Neff said,

Neff also said it’s important for first responders to have wills because you never know when tragedy could strike.

“They’re out there, they’re the first line of defense for the public, so they’re at risk every day, including firefighters, paramedics, I mean anyone that’s a first responder needs to have something in place for if something tragic were to happen,” Neff said.

The majority of those in attendance were in their 20s. At a young age, thinking about wills may not be on their radar, but one 29-year-old patrol officer said he is thankful to have one now.

“It’s definitely been on my mind,” Carlos Majano said. “I’m glad we had the opportunity to be able to do it today. I mean it’s definitely something everybody needs to get done.”

This is the third year the service has been offered. About 60 first responders signed wills.

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