Police Dudes

Local law enforcement got stronger on Thursday as the Tuscaloosa Police Academy graduated 27 new officers.

The newly minted officers will soon begin serving Tuscaloosa and surrounding communities, including Jasper, Birmingham and Northport.

Jay Town, U.S. Attorney of the Northern District, is proud to see that people still want to serve in law enforcement.

“It’s not something that people often do anymore,” Town said. “Service is not something that’s really a part of American job searches anymore. To find 27 individuals, and so many others across the state that are graduating in these several months from the academies say a lot about the state and the people we are raising to live here.

Retired Tuscaloosa Police Chief Ken Swindel believes that the 27 individuals will find a life of law enforcement to be very fulfilling.

“Law enforcement is one of the most rewarding things that you can do in this life,” Swindel said. “You’re helping and serving. You’re helping the lesser than thee, what God said we’re supposed to do.”

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