Local firefighter reacts to Birmingham fire station shooting

Two Birmingham firefighters were shot Wednesday morning inside their fire station. Both were taken to UAB hospital, where Jordan Melton is listed in critical condition and Jamal Jones in serious condition.

The two firefighters were shot in the chest and legs about 30 minutes after shift change at 8:30 A.M. at Station 9 in the Norwood neighborhood.

Moundville Assistant Fire chief Mark Dockery said the news came as a shock to him. He and with his entire unit are praying for a speedy recovery for both men.

“It’s a tragedy that someone would come and shoot at a firefighter and look to injure them or kill them. Someone who serves their community in multiple ways and puts their own lives in danger,” said Dockery.

AL.com reports the shooter or shooters entered the fire station through the open bay door that is usually unlocked for residents who need medical attention or information.

Dockery said the Moundville Police Department makes numerous rounds daily to monitor their fire department, but after this shooting they may have to consider adding extra precautions.

“We already keep the doors pretty much locked, because we are a volunteer unit. And so we keep it locked and we all have access and a way to get in quickly. And we will continue with that,” said Dockery.

Birmingham investigators are still trying to figure out a motive behind the shooting and no arrests have been made.


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