Local expert offers cyber shopping safety tips

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Cyber Monday is in full swing. And Dr. Matthew Hudnall, assistant professor of Management Information Systems at the University of Alabama, offered great tips for online shopping safety.

Hudnall stated there are always a couple of standard tips during the holiday shopping season that everyone should be aware of, such as protecting your credit card information and verifying all sites before clicking unknown links.

“They need to make sure they have really good, strong passwords on any site that they visit. They need to be able to verify what site they are visiting, and make sure it’s a legitimate site,” said Hudnall.

Hudnall also advised checking sites to make sure they are legitimate before actually making purchases, using lengthy passwords, and monitoring banking.

Even with potential cons of online shopping, shoppers said they still prefer online shopping for several reasons.

Andrea Wagner, University of Alabama graduate, said she participates in Cyber Monday every year and prefers shopping online.

“With COVID, RSV and the flu, and all this other stuff that I don’t want anything to do with going around, it is way easier to shop online and safer to shop online,” said Wagner.


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