Local expert: Keep chemicals away from our source water

TUSCALOOSA – The American Water Works Association wants to show communities how they can make a difference in helping keep their water clean.

Source water is the water used for drinking. It is also used for everyday activities like swimming or kayaking.  The only way to keep this water clean is to protect lakes, rivers, and other water sources from pollution.

This pollution can be from dumping chemicals or littering. And a local expert says it can affect your health. Putting too much fertilizer on your lawn or flushing antibiotics down the drain can lead to toxic water and unhealthy living.

James LaFoy, the Lakes Manager for the City of Tuscaloosa, said everyday situations could be ruining our water.

“People need to remember what you pour down the drain or what you pour into your backyard like oil and soaps and stuff eventually runs into creeks and into our source water,” LaFoy said.

LaFoy emphasized the need to preserve the water in Tuscaloosa. It has been clean water for the last 50 years. LaFoy wants to make sure it stays that way.


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