Nice Clown00000000

With social media filling up with anecdotal creepy clown sightings, what happened to the days of cheerful, juggling clowns who paint faces and make balloon art?

Well, they definitely do still exist. Daisy the Clown, also known as Susan Bowman, is nothing like the supposed panic-inducing clowns residents are claiming they’re seeing.

Bowman is the owner and founder of children’s entertainment business Twinkle Productions in Tuscaloosa, and wants folks to know the recent clown craze has nothing in common with real clowns.

“It’s that time of the year,” she said. “It’s Halloween. We are approaching Halloween, and so people think these kinds of things are funny.”

Bowman said fortunately, her business hasn’t suffered from the continuing clown chaos.

But one company in Jefferson County said they haven’t been as fortunate. Hire A Clown owner Michelle Cain released the following statement to WVUA 23 today:

“My life has changed dramatically. I feel a life threatening risk. My income is hurt. My drive to help others is gone. Thank you pranksters. We are forced to change the name of our company and only provide ‘face painters’ and not clowns. I realize that the good things we have done for many are literally being destroyed because others feel that it is humorous to tell a lie.”

When it comes to these clown imposters and false reporters, Bowman said she’s handling the situation in true clown fashion.

“I really think you have to approach these kinds of things with a sense of humor,” she said. “But to me it’s a practical joke that’s gotten out of hand. People think these kinds of things are funny, but not when you’re scaring children. That’s ridiculous.”

Lt. Teena Richardson with the Tuscaloosa Police Department said on Monday that the TPD has gotten two police reports of clown sightings, but both proved insubstantial.


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