Tuscaloosa City Schools

Story by WVUA 23’s Jordan Johnson.

Elementary students in Tuscaloosa received their report cards at the end of last semester, but on Tuesday it was the schools that received their test results back.

Three times a year, Central Elementary, Martin Luther King Junior Elementary, and West Lawn Middle School collect data and are tested on several different things like Phonetics and language, attendance, nurse visits and discipline data.

These tests were created as a way to hold schools accountable and to make sure the children were performing at their current grade level.

The results of the tests and data, which were unveiled at the Tuscaloosa City School Board meeting, showed that phonetics and language, the foundational skills the children need to continue, came back with the best results that these schools have seen in years. Discipline data has seen an increase recently due to a new computer program that allows the teachers to start and log the referral process early.

<p><p><p>It’s important that this work starts at home, so what can parents do to make sure their child is a part of all this new growth and progress?</p><div></div><p>“Take note of the reports that are being sent out,” said Dr. James Pope, the deputy superintendent for teaching and learning. “If they have any questions contact their school, but we are putting up more parent meetings at those schools so we can be more informative. So it’s not so much of the parents being confused about what they have.”</p></p></p>

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