Here at home, many churches are doing what they can to help. people are still shaken up over the recent Paris terrorist attacks, especially one of our very own interns who recalls the moment when it all became a reality to her.

“We see tons of ambulances go by, but we don’t think anything of it,we go straight to our hotel room and there is people crying in our hotel lobby and we see it all over the news and we find out ten minutes from our hotel room, there’s been four terrorists attacks,” says Taylor Neuman who is studying abroad in Barcelona and was in Paris for the week.

Tuscaloosa is coming together to show their support.

“Now if you would let’s just pray together for the people of paris”

Jimmy Bowers, pastor of the Tuscaloosa Church of the Highlands believes that times like these are where the community needs each other the most.

“I’m sure there will be many opportunities for things that we can do as a community and as a people and as a church but right now being so fresh we are just praying together and believing that good will come out of this.”

Pastor Bowers says that the Church of the Highlands is also partnered with churches in Europe and that they will reach out to them to see if they can do anything else to help.

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