<p>Story by WVUA 23’s Caroline Wood.</p><div></div><p>Woodland Forrest Baptist Church hosted a Community Conversation event on Wednesday night and the topic was vaping.</p><div></div><p>Members of the church say vaping can be uncomfortable.</p><div></div><p>“<span lang=”EN”>I don’t smoke no more, so I mean I really didn’t get used to vaping or nothing like that,” church member Corey Mutairi said. “I never bought a vape. Every time I hit it, it’d choke me out.”</span></p><div></div><p><span lang=”EN”>Community Conversation provided information such as the issues with vaping, and also provided some solutions.</span></p><div></div><p><span lang=”EN”>“It makes your voice real raspy and not good long term effects,” church member Dustin Moore said.</span></p><p><span lang=”EN”> </span></p><p><span lang=”EN”>Facilitator of the Community Conversation Rev. Lindsey Becker said knowing where to get information about vaping is crucial to fighting the epidemic.</span></p>

“<span lang=”EN”>Hopefully laying the groundwork for people to understand enough of the basics and where to go for research and what to look for, what to not listen to and read,” Becker said. “How to avoid kind of the clickbait stuff so that they can go home, they can have the tools and they can be part of the communities that they’re apart of not just here at the church to have those conversations.”</span>

<span lang=”EN”>According to the World Health Organization, about seven million people vaped in 2011. That number increased to 41 million in 2018.</span>

<span lang=”EN”>Woodland Forrest Baptist Church hosts a Community Conversation on the second Wednesday of each month.</span>

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