Support Small Tuscaloosa

Small businesses are really feeling the impact of the coronavirus, which prompted local printing business Swag to lend a helping hand.

Owner Laura Beth Agee said she noticed business decreasing around the city because of the virus, and with the help of her staff and husband came up with the Support Small Initiative.

Any small business can be part of the initiative, Agee said, and anyone can buy the Support Small shirts Swag is printing.

Each business gets their own link, and gets $12 of each shirt sold. There’s also a virtual tip jar local business fans can use to show their monetary appreciation for their favorite businesses. Every cent donated goes to the selected business.

“It benefits more than just me and it also benefits more than just the other businesses because the person who is purchasing the shirt is also gonna have this awesome shirt as a badge to wear to say hey, I support small businesses in my community,” Agee said.

Any businesses interested, and anyone interested in buying a shirt can visit theswagstore.net.


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