National bus companies are headed to Washington D.C for a silent protest to ask lawmakers for aide as the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down a majority of their business.

The pandemic has taken a toll on all travel and transportation companies, including a local charter service.

Tuscaloosa Charter Service Manager Alicia Adams said the government has given $75 billion in aide to Amtrak and airline companies. National bus companies are asking for $15 billion to help survive their shutdown.

Adams said they haven’t had any trips scheduled since March 15 and have none booked for summer.

“When the University of Alabama, Shelton, UWA, Montevallo and Stillman canceled their trips they pretty much cancelled us,” Adams said. “They don’t understand that when the airlines take teams places, that we’re the ones who pick them up and get them from place to place while they’re in different states. We also do elementary schools, high schools, so when those industries shut down, we shut down”

More than 300 bus companies from 46 states are joining the silent protest.

Adams said they’re meeting up with a few other companies on the way and everyone will arrive in Washington D.C on Wednesday.

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