Boy Scouts

Story by WVUA 23’s Chelsea Barton.

Boy Scouts of America is in the spotlight once again after filing for bankruptcy. This results from the hundreds of sexual abuse lawsuits being levied against the organization.

In an open letter to the victims, the Boy Scouts of America said the organization filed bankruptcy to compensate victims. The sexual abuse cases have been put on hold.

This means victims will have to go through a bankruptcy court to make a claim.

The Black Warrior Council of Boy Scouts of America is the local chapter that serves 12 west Alabama counties and is located right here in Tuscaloosa.

<p>The organization’s Executive Director Bill Gosselin wants to set the record straight and put to rest any misconceptions associated with the national bankruptcy filing that may be developed about local boy scout councils all over the country.</p><div></div><p>Gosselin said this filing in no way impacts or has anything to do with the Black Warrior Council.</p><div></div><p>“Scouting is continuing locally just like it did before the national organization announced chapter eleven,” Gosselin said. “We have events this weekend that are going to be happening. Meetings that are going this weekend at local churches, those will continue. A value based programs we have been providing for almost 100 years, those will continue. We are strong locally. We have had growth in memberships, programs, and had a record fundraising year last year. The community is seeing the benefits of scouting. “</p><div></div><p><p>Gosselin said there are 3,300 youth involved in the Black Warrior Council and 600 plus adult volunteers.</p></p>

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