Local book store celebrates pride with little library opening

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Peyton Newman

Ernest and Hadley Booksellers hosted an event Wednesday to celebrate the opening of its pride-themed free little library.

Little libraries like the new one at the bookstore are designed so residents can borrow or donate books in an easily accessible place at any time. But this little library’s primary focus is offering a space for books for or about the LGBTQ community.

Several customers at the celebration said there’s a lack of visibility for Tuscaloosa’s LGBTQ community, and they’re hoping small inclusions like this will help support members of the community and their allies.

The event featured local pride organizations, poetry readings and the opportunity to help paint the little library.

Landon and Ashley Palmer, who have a young son, said it’s important to show children what acceptance of others looks like.

“I want to make sure that books are available for kids who might not be able to access them at home or at libraries or school,” Palmer said. “We’re raising our kid to hopefully have an appreciation for all of the different people that he’ll encounter in his life.”

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