Local attorney: New evidence in Miles, Davis case could affect bond hearings

By WVUA 23 Student News Reporter Caleb Aguayo

After bond was denied to Darius Miles and Michael Davis, the pair’s attorneys filed for a new bond hearing. Around the same time, new video evidence was seen, although not publicly released, which allegedly shows the events leading up to the deadly shooting of 23-year-old mother Jamea Harris on Jan. 15.

Local criminal defense attorney Joel Sogol said the new video might have an effect on the bond hearings.

“There appears to be siDarius Miles And Michael Davisgnificant evidence that was not presented at the preliminary hearing that might mitigate against the charge, or help them win an argument that they should have bonds.”

Sogol said the evidence will need to be shown to the judge to determine whether bond is appropriate for the two.

“There are all kinds of things, I think, that they will be presented to Judge Daniel Pruet that may get them a bond.”

Based on the video, which has not been made public, Sogol said an argument can be made that Miles and Davis may have acted in self-defense. Sogol said in the video, Cedric Johnson’s Jeep was seen circling the area before he arrived and the shooting began. Johnson was the driver of the vehicle Harris was in when she was shot.

Sogol said the video suggests the first muzzle flashes could have come from the Jeep. Because of that, Sogol said he has some doubts about the validity of the charges against Miles and Davis.

“It just seems to me that everything moved so quickly,” Sogol said. “From the time this happened, to the time they were arrested, to the time they had the preliminary hearing, to the time they were indicted. I seriously wonder whether anybody in the prosecution had looked at all the materials before that happened.”

Miles’s attorney Mary Turner said new bond hearings for both men is scheduled for May 24.

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